Principal Associates Announces Their New Company Name
Posted on Monday, January 1, 2018

Southfield, MI—Over the past ten years Principal Associates has realized significant growth in the size and prominence of their position in the commercial real estate industry. So much so that the similarity of their name to the global financial institution, Principal Financial, became an issue. While they saw it as a compliment to be considered a peer, they agreed to eliminate the perceived conflict by taking the opportunity to strengthen their identity to emphasize the commercial focus of their business and the corporate and investment sectors they specialize in. As of January 1, 2018, Principal Associates is now operating as P.A. Commercial.

"P.A. stands for Principled Advocacy. That's what it's all about—real estate advocacy," says Peter Ventura, CEO of P.A. Commercial. The new name communicates that they are more than 'associates,' they are true advocates. He continues that the name change helps illustrate their client-centric business model, and promises, "Tell us your real estate challenge—we'll help you find a solution that keeps your business' best interest in mind."

Looking to the future, P.A. Commercial continues to grow and expand both their offering and markets, branching into retail, multifamily, and eventually venturing into property management.

About P.A. Commercial

P.A. Commercial is a full service commercial real estate firm, providing fully integrated real estate solutions for Landlords, Tenants, Sellers and Buyers. Their team's collaborative approach to problem solving eliminates the bureaucracy that is often found in other commercial real estate firms, and allows them to act as advocates on the client's behalf to consistently deliver the very best solution to even the toughest real estate challenges.


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